Friday, February 8, 2008

Who Can Stealth Run?

Well unlike a conventional blog where I just dump out a general mish mash of thoughts I’ll try to post a relevant topic to stealth running in each entry, although at times I will stray and follow the normal blog format, I’m hoping I can make available enough strategy info, that if popular, at a later date I can change to one concise site, so you don’t have to go delving through the blog format.

So who can stealth run? You may think that’s obvious, Druids and Rogues, are the main stealth runners in “World of Warcraft” but I have heard of Mage’s and Hunter’s doing stealth runs for particular items.

I’ve heard of Mage’s farming enchants in instances by popping invisibility, running to a safe spot, waiting for the cool down then popping invisibility again and so forth.

I’ve also heard of hunters doing the same, running, falling dead, waiting for cool down then doing it again, as efficient as druids and rogues? I don’t think so, but it gives them the opportunity to solo content they would not normaly be able to solo.

This guide will mainly be sticking with the conventional stealthers of druid and rogue, but if I see something interesting relating to other classes don’t be surprised if share that with you.

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