Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stealthing Arena - moonkin/rogue

Well i admit, i've been pretty lame lately with no blog entries, and this entry won't be much different as i haven't been doing many stealth runs lately.

I've tried exploration of Kara, but it was tough with only 3 of us, and we didn't spend that long, admittedly i haven't posted my Heroic Ramps guide yet, but with real life getting in the way, when i'm home i just want to relax, and play WoW.

I just wanted to direct your attention to one of the best (ok it's probably the best i've seen) arena vid of a stealth team that consists of a moonkin and a rogue, that's right folks a full moonkin and not a restokin.

The video is called Azoth imbalanced, and i highly recommend digging around for the commentary version.


He gives commentary on high rated arena games vs various teams, and if your just starting out, or just want to improve your moonkin/rogue team, this video is pretty awesome.

On the other hand, for those that are interested, i have started leveling a rogue, finally hit level 30 (after months and months) and it's really tough getting a stealth team together for Scarlet Monastry (hard to get the right level chars that is), actually it's hard to get any group together to do the low level instances unless your getting your friends lvl 70 along

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