Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stealthing Elders in Northrend Dungeons

I know i said my next post would be about recovering hacked accounts, but i saw an interesting thread on stealthing to the Elders in Northrend Dungeons. I thought i should get this info up sooner rather than later, since Lunar festival is only on for a short amount of time, and people are working through their achievements.

It seems a bunch of Druids are stealthing to the Elders in the Northrend Dungeons, I'm sure if Druids can do this Rogues should be able to as well.

I'm too lazy to do achievements, so i probably won't be attempting this, but there is a forum topic about this on the official WoW forums.

Here's a summary, as we all know how forum threads can be eaten by the internet.

Drak'Tharon Keep
From all reports, it looks easily stealthable to the Elder

Halls of Stone
Reports say this is also an easily stealthable instance to the Elder

Some people say you must kill the first mob as he see's through stealth, however it has been reported you can just throw out a trusty Sooth Animal and be able to stealth past.

Utgarde Keep
2 sets of mobs near the flame walls must be cleared, each set is a group of 3, when these mobs are cleared, you can stealth on to the Elder.

Azjol Nerub
The first boss must be killed in order to get to the Elder. Some people have claimed to solo this, but you may want to do this in a group.

Utgarde Pinnacle
Reports say a full group is needed for this instance.

Must be compeleted in Heroic Mode in order to get to the Elder. Moorabi the Mammoth boss must be killed, if Moorabi is dead you can stealth your way past the Gorlok mobs to the Elder

Just remember, if someone has cleaned out these instances in heroic, you can borrow that empty instance and get to the Elders fairly easily, just remember, you'll get yourself locked into that instance.

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