Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3.3 out!

Well I've been pretty bad at keeping this blog updated, when I first started this blog it was because there was little information out there in regards to stealth running. I wanted to post information which was little known or non published out there for the masses.

Now when interesting news comes up, it's up on half a dozen sites already.

This is a good thing! It means an increase in the number of people sharing info, and hopefully an increase in the size of our community (meaning stealthers... well ok i mean druids :)

So 3.3 is out, as others have stated, wiseclipse is broken, squawk and awe is broken, in fact a whole bunch of things are broken.

People on the wow forums are bitching about log load screens and disconnects on the new 5 man instances.

And i've experienced the Onyxia being unkillable, she gets to 1 hp, doesn't come down for Phase 3 and laughs as the adds eventually overwhelm you (ok she doesn't laugh, but you get my meaning)

I forsee Blizz doing a lot of reboots this week as they try to fix problem.

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