Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Professions are able to help stealth running in different ways

Jewel Crafting
Being able to make the BOP Stealth Trinkets
Black Panther Figurine
Black Pearl Panther
Can give you an additional +8 stealth points total!
Considering MoD gives you 3 points a point and Druid talent gives you 5 points a talent point, this could give you that extra stealth you need to not agro mobs.

It’s always good to have at least 1 stealthrunner able to DE drops for enchanting mats, also enchanting is also useful for farming runs, my preferred way of farming for gold is farming bosses for prismatics and selling them on the AH, rather than fighting the hordes of people farming elemental plateu.

A few of the instances have herbing inside, not sure if you can get anything special insde the instances, but I’ve seen a few stealthers grab some herbs

Same as herbing a few of the instances have mining nodes inside, some are minable without pulling mobs, others are not. I think 1-2 of the bosses are minable

Probably one of the better professions for stealth running, giving extra utility to the group.
Goblin Jumpers XL – there’s been a few times the druids have wiped, leaving the rogue to rez one of the Druids, these are a godsend (when they work) they also give druids an additional rez
Goblin Jumpers – not as good as the XL version

Bombs – give you slightly more aoe ability with a possible stun since you won’t have any real aoe classes on the run
Mote Extractor – probably only useful in SV, but you can get a few more motes if you have a hat that lets you see the invisible gas clouds

Transporters – lately it seems that getting to the instance and getting everyone there takes longer than the runs themselves, having a transporter may help you get to the instance faster, but honestly probably not.

TIP – the CD on jumpers is on the person not on the jumpers, if you have another engineer in group who doesn’t own a pair of jumpers, and your jumpers are on CD, you can pass your jumpers to the other eng, and they can try jumping the dead player.

Definitely more useful before they announced Nethers were going BOE in 2.4, I used to farm with a rogue solely for the purpose of farming him nethers.
Leatherworkers had it good being able to make patches, with nethers going BOE in 2.4 every man and his dog rolls for them now.
Being able to make nightscape boots can be an advantage if you have a new stealther in the group and there are none on AH, but honestly forsight and stocking up on boots when they’re available cheaply gives you the same advantage.

Specific to stealth running? I can’t think of anything

Similar to LW in that farming for nethers used to be really easy, with 2.4 changes looming, again, everyone rolls for these now.

Skinning bosses such as the Beast used to be an advantage, but in the new world, I’m not sure skinning has such an impact.

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