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Heroic Auchenai Crypts

Heroic Auchenai Crypts
requires lower city rep honored - Auchenai Key

I have to say, this instance has been stealth nerfed for stealth runs quite a few times, I don’t meticulously read the patch notes each time but I don’t remember reading about these changes anywhere, the changes are obvious to people that have been stealthing this instance for the past year.

Stealth up to the bridge before the first boss, the stealth up to this point is quite easy, and there will be a few chests and mines on the way, some of the mining nodes are minable without aggroing any mobs.

Before you go onto the bridge, you can go off to the side and up on the ledge, you can safely unstealth here to gear up, buff, eat consumables etc.

The bridge itself has 1 patrol that paces up and down it, it is best not to follow the patrol, but to go past them when they are walking towards you, this is because the bridge has invisible ghosts “Raging Souls” that pop you out of stealth, they look like little balls of energy, if one ever pops you out of stealth run from it, they explode with an aoe that does a huge knock back that will likely knock you off the bridge.

Since you walked past the pat, you should have enough room to get some distance from the Raging Souls without aggroing any mobs on the bridge. Once the Raging Soul explodes you will be out of combat and can easily re-stealth.

If you can’t get distance from the raging soul, try to put your back to the wall, facing another wall, so that if you get blown forward or back you won’t get blown off the bridge, I’ve been blown off the bridge sideways before, so it’s safest to get distance if possible.
The best way to stealth across the bridge is to stealth up the side, you can walk on the rail on some parts, but be careful, because you can fall over the side.

Once you are almost over the bridge, you will come to 2 mobs that are stationary at the end, wait near them (preferably on the rail), for the boss to pat back, the boss will generally path between 2 positions, a front and back position.

Shirrak the Dead Watcher has an aura that affects players, it is best to wait till he paths to the back position, the boss’s debuff increases casting time by 2,3,4 times. It also causes stealthers to pop out of stealth, although strangely enough it doesn’t unstealth shadowmeld.

I know previously some groups would stealth to the bosses side of the bridge to destealth and buff up, i know this was a safe place, but i have seen certain chars agro the boss by just being there, i think there might be some kind of glitch with this, so better to be safe and buff gear on the other side.

This boss is made for druid healers, honestly I don’t know how other casters do it, as druids can spam instant heals, while priests, shammies and pallies bread and butter heals are 1.5s casts which end up taking 6s.

The main concern on this fight is the aoe fire dmg, during the fight you will see the boss target someone, then throw down a flare where that target is standing, all players must get away from this flare as it blows up after a few seconds and does a large aoe fire dmg, the range is quite far, so the further back the players run the safer it is.

Bite debuff, the boss also does a bite debuff that I’ve seen stack up to 7 times, if melee get 3-4 debuff they should really back off from the boss so the debuff can go, the healer has a hard enough time on this fight as it is.

If the tank receives over 4 bites, it becomes impossible for a solo healer to heal the tank, the tank should try to back off and kite the boss to the other side so the debuff can hopefully drop off.

This boss is 2 mannable, so it honestly shouldn’t be that hard.

Stealthing to the last boss (Exarch Maladaar) you will come across a room full of skeletons, this room drops the +12 agi enchant to boots, the safest way to get past this room is stealthing along the sides (left as you enter the room) but it is possible to stealth straight across. The enchant also drops in normal mode, so if your farming the enchant it would be easier to do this in normal.

The cavern where the last boss is located, the safest route is straight down the middle past the coffin, be careful of the skellies, as this is the place most people agro.

If you agro and can’t vanish run towards the boss, you will see 2 piles of bones on either side of him, try to die just on the other side of the pile of bones, as it is possible to be jumped from this position, if you just miss the bones, it may still be possible to battle rez you from a safe place.

Stealthing past the bones and up the side to the ledge you can unstealth to gear up, buff, use consumables etc.

Once buffed the players can safely stealth behind the boss, it is advisable to fight the boss pretty much where he is.

All players (including healer and ranged (moonkins) should fight close to the boss.)

The boss does an aoe blind, if the healer is not in range of this blind, the boss will agro the healer if everyone else is blinded.

The healer and ranged dps eat the blinds to avoid agro.

Also if melee shadows attack the healer, it makes it easier for melee dps to peel them off.

When shadows of players spawn, all dps should kill the shadows asap, they can do a lot of dmg if left unchecked and the player who they are a shadow off gets a healing or dmg debuff .

At 25% the boss spawns an avatar, the tank should get agro on the avatar as well, shadows should stop spawning at this point, but should still be killed as a priority, if any are still standing when avatar comes out.

Once all the shadows are down, the dps should concentrate on the boss, while the tank tanks the boss and avatar.

Once the boss is down, the avatar should drop fairly easily

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