Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heroic Mana Tombs

Sorry been a bit slow with the updates, i will try to post more often, now that 2.4 is out, there have been some changes to stealthing instances, with various nerfs/buffs.

Not sure why i accidently double posted an article, but i will clean it up at a later date.

Here's a guide to stealthing Heroic Mana Tombs, i will follow up in the coming weeks with Coilfang Resevoir instances.

Happy Stealthing

Heroic Mana Tombs
requires lower city rep honored - Auchenai Key

Mana Tombs gives Consortium rep, so if your still not exalted yet and getting your free gems, this is a great instance to farm.

The first boss Pandemonius is linked to every pat in the entire room, so the entire room must be cleared in order to kill him, it’s not often (or ever) that I’ve stealth run this guy, since it’s only a couple of group clears from the entrance to get into the room, it’s probably just as easy doing this guy in normal. Generally it’s seen by stealth groups as too much work for too little reward, so he is usually skipped.

The second boss Tavarok is pullable without pulling any mobs near him, he does physical dmg and an aoe ranged stun, he doesn’t hit particularly hard, and I have 2 manned this boss quite easily with a Kara level geared tank.
Stealthing to this boss is quite easy, and I have seen many stealthers reach him with just 2 +stealth gear pieces (cloak enchant and boots, which I would say is essential for anyone that does stealth runs)

Get the tank to pull him toward the rocky wall, and have the healer and ranged dps stand at max range, this is a fairly simple tank and spank fight.

Stealthing to the final boss room can get a little tricky with some of the groups of mobs in the hallways, stealthers without the additional talent points may need 2 rogues to help escort them through with distracts and saps.

If one person dies on the way to the final room, they can run back to the first room, die and get a battle rez up to the exit ledge.

Yor is a summonable boss, following a quest chain in Netherstorm. In the last room you will see one of those big pink/purple sphere’s (chambers) that can be opened by a key holder (key being Shaffar's Stasis Chamber Key or The Eye of Haramad).

Stealth up to the side of the room on the ledge next to the chamber, only 1 group of mana leaches needs to be pulled, pull them up to the ledge and take them down.

Yor’s chamber can be opened by a keyholder, have the tank pull the boss up to the side on the ledge, and he’s fairly easy to tank and spank down.

Unfortunately Nexus Prince Shaffar is also linked to every mob in the room, so the mobs must be cleared before engaging the Prince.

Be careful when killing the Nexus Terrors, they do an AoE fear, we normally start by pulling a Nexus Terror that pats in the middle to where we killed Yor, and burn him down quick.

We then stealth over to the pile of bones on the left side as you enter the room, and start pulling the groups of mobs to fight in the corner there.

The clear is not difficult with a decent group, just set up your saps and blinds, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Nexus Prince Shaffar has three Ethereal Beacons surrounding him, get the beacons down asap, beacons spawn approximately every 10 seconds and they should be taken down asap or they turn into apprentices. If they turn into apprentices, the apprentice will be at full HP so DPS the apprentice down asap.

When doing Nexus Prince Shaffar we set up in the corridor behind him, and pull him in, this gives a tigher space for melee dps to switch from DPSing prince to DPSing adds
It’s a fairly intense fight with lots of people taking damage, so the healer has to be on their toes.

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