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Heroic Slave Pens

Heroic Slave Pens is actually one of the easiest Heroic Stealth Runs i've come across, this instance can easily be 5 manned in 15 mins with a decent geared group (kara + gear) i've also 2 manned this instance with another druid in 30 mins, and i know there is a video floating around somewhere of a rogue/druid 2 manning it. Rogue/Druids op? I don't think so when i've seen vids of Warlocks soloing the entire instance....

It's the best instance to cut your teeth on stealth running, and stealth gear/points is not such a big issue here.

Heroic Slave Pens
Coilfang Reservoir
requires Cenarion Expedition honored - Reservoir Key

Heroic Slave Pens is currently the easiest heroic instance to stealth run in the WoW, this instance requires no stealth modifiers to be able to stealth through, and the bosses are relatively easy.

Stealthing through this instance is quite easy, stealth all the way up to the tunnel that leads to the first boss, the entrance to the tunnel is protected by the 2 Coilfang Defenders that have stealth detection.

Stealth to the very right of them close to the ledge by the water, and stealth to the wall.

In this spot, players can destealth eat/drink, buff up, and gear up for the fight.

The healer should jump onto the ledge, so he will be out of melee range of the Coilfang Defenders

The tank will pull the Defenders and pick up agro on one, the second Defender will very quickly get healer agro and evade bug, not being able to go up onto the ledge the second Defender will sit there waiting for the healer to jump down.

Once the first Defender is down, the healer can heal the party to full, before the group engages the second Defender, if the tank is not able to taunt the Defender out of being evade bugged the healer should stack hots on himself, go bear and jump down, the warrior will immediately agro the druid, even in bear the warrior hits hard (approxaimtely 4k per hit depending on gear) so the tank must pick up the warrior quickly, if the warrior resists the taunt, the tank can bash or aoe taunt the target, the healer can also bash the target to give the tank more time to pick the warrior up, or a rogue can stun the target. If rogues pick up agro they can evasion tank the Defender until the tank picks him up.

Once these mobs are down, it is an easy stealth run into the tunnel, stealth under the bridge you will see a wall that slopes up. Party members can unstealth here and drink/buff.

Mennu the Betrayer

The tank stealths up the ramp, and pulls the boss, then jumps down into the empty area next to the ramp, the boss should path down without pulling any mobs.

The healer can sit on the side of the wall and heal from their, the DPS should focus on the boss and kill all totems (especially the healing one) he drops except for the corrupted totems.

The corrupted totems do an AoE damage when destroyed early, or they blow up on a timer, when a corrupted totem is dropped, the tank should pull the boss over away from the totem, the open space next to the ramp is fairly large, so the tank should be able to move the boss away from the totem without aggroing any extra mobs. Melee DPS should follow suit and make sure they are not in AoE range.

The tank can single target the totems to hit them.
DPS can single target the totems
The healer can single target the totems and rank 1 moonfire them

This is not a heal intense fight, but can be long if the healing totem is not destroyed asap.

Stealth up the ramp , you will see a patrol go across the T section, go the opposite way to the mobs and stealth up the side of the bridge, you will pass a patrol of 2 Coilfang (Observers or Champions I can’t remember which) they can be quite easily stealhed past even with no stealth modifiers, at the top of the bridge you will see 2 Coilfang Defenders with stealth detection, wait till they start pathing away, and you can stealth up and drop down the side of the bridge to the larger bridge below. When you drop down you will receive fall damage, so make sure you have enough hp to survive the jump.

After you drop down, go along the bridge towards the boss Rokmarr, and then u can do the "wall jump" to the ledge. On the ledge stealth around the corner, to the end, here you can safely destealth, buff, eat and drink.

Once buffed, the tank can go around the corner and pull the boss around the corner, no other mobs should agro.

Rokmarr the Crackler is basically a tank and spank fight, he does an aoe poison that is not directional, so facing him away from the healers doesn’t make any difference.
The main concern, is he drops a bleed debuff (Grievous wound) on the tank that does 900 physical damage every 2 seconds and can only be removed by healing the tank to full.

He enrages at 20% increasing his damage and attack speed.
I’ve found this fairly easy to heal through as long as you keep a 3 stack lifebloom on the tank, depending on your gear level, this is enough to keep you tank fully topped off, and removes the grievous wound bleed, almost as quickly as it is applied. Less geared healers should keep a 3 stack lifebloom and rejuv on the tank at all times, and be able to swiftmend out of the grievous wound bleed if the hots can’t keep up.

Lifeblooming dps in between keeping lifebloom and rejuv hots on the tank should be enough to keep the entire party up.

When stealthing to the last boss, be careful of the 2 Coilfang Defenders as they have stealth detection, stealth into the tunnel, once at the end of the tunnel, wait for the group of rokmar lobsters to path to the tunnel entrance, and when they path off, stealth to the boss along the right wall, following the wall you should be able to stealth all the way to the boss at the back of the cave, it is safer to stay out of the water.

Once at the back wall, you can safely unstealth, and buff.


The tank should agro the boss on the side or back of the pool, the healer should be behind or off to the side of the boss.

Melee DPS should make sure they dps behind Quagmirran as he uses a few frontal AoE type attacks.
The healer and ranged DPS should be off to the side.

Occasionally Quag will turn around and do a frontal AoE attack (Acid Geyser) that the tank can taunt back, the Geyser does high damage so the healer should be prepared.

Besides this Quag does a non directional poison AoE dot, that can be healed through with multiple hots.

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