Saturday, April 19, 2008

Heroic Underbog

Heroic Underbog
Coilfang Reservoir
requires Cenarion Expedition honored - Reservoir Key

Stealth to the first boss (Hungarfen), the difficulty in stealthing in Underbog is there are a lot of mobs that path around, the best way is to stealth beside the water (do not step into the water as the fish have stealth detection) and up the ramp, in between the 2 guards and to the back corner near the bridge.

Hungarfen can be pulled to the back without agroing the 2 guards, however the tank must be careful when positioning the boss during the fight to avoid mushroom dmg, and to not go to close to agro the guards.

At 15%-20% Hungarfen shields himself with a a wall of roots, causing all melee attacks to heal Hungarfen of 5% of his maximum health, so melee should back off until the wall comes off.

Stealth across the bridge and over to the next bridge.

You will see a bog giant at the bottom of the bridge, 2 pats on the bridge and 2 stealth detection guards at the entrance.

At the bottom tank the bog giant, right on the edge, so that you don’t accidently pull agro off the bridge or the other bog giant that paths, kill the 2 pats on the bridge, then kill the 2 guards.

Stealth up to the circular platform where the second boss Ghaz’an, paths around, the tank puts his back to the wall and tanks the boss, the melee should dps Ghaz’an on his side and not at his tail, as his tail lashes out and can kick you off the platform, which usually means death, as the fishes get to you.

Ranged and healders should try to stand at max range, to avoid tail lashing, Ghaz’an also does a poison AoE, so ranged DPS should make sure they are in heal range.

Stealth all the way up to the last boss (The Black Stalker) and to the back tunnel near the exit, it is safe to unstealth and buff here. (skip Swamplord Musel’ek for now)

Get all dps to focus on the boss and ignore the adds, the healer should be able to heal through all the damage, and the boss should drop quite quickly.

The only thing to be wary of is if the healer gets levitated out of boss range, otherwise, the boss can be zerged. Healer should also remember to heal himself heavily as they will get healing agro from the pats.

The safest way to do Swamplord Musel’ek is to clear the 2 Underbog Lords on the way back.

When you fight Swamplord Musel’ek, make sure you put your backs to the walls, as the bear can do a knockback, that can knock you into the insect mobs.

The 2 basic strategies on this boss are as follows.

zerg the boss down, and have your healer heal through bear dmg.
have one of the dps pull agro on the bear, and pull him back towards the last bosses room, when Swamlord gets low, pull the bear back to be finished off by the group.

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