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Heroic Steamvault

Heroic Steamvault

Coilfang Reservoir

requires Cenarion Expedition honored - Reservoir Key

Heroic Steamvault can be a little bit of a gear check as the last boss Warlord Kalithresh
must be finished within 3 tanks, however as far as gear goes, Kara standard is fine, since most servers are quite progressed now, this really shouldn’t be an issue being so late into Season 3 Arena, Season 1 Arena gear being available for honor and there being so many badge rewards available now, however I do know there are lots of people with alts, it was only last week I attempted a pug MGT (non heroic) and had people in majority greens…

Stealth to the first boss (Hydromancer Thespia) be aware that the Bog Giants in here have stealth detection, on the ramp outside her room, clear the patrol, it consists of 2 Coilfang Sirens and a Coilfang Warrior. I find it safest to Sap 1 Siren and the Warrior first, sap them a little more than halfway up the ramp as the Sirens can fear. Burst down the first Siren quickly making use of stunlocks and do the same on the 2nd Siren, finally killing off the Warrior.

Hydromancer Thespia is not a difficult fight, the main things the group has to be aware of is getting out of her lightning cloud as it does a large amount of damage.

Hydromancer Thespia has 2 elemental adds, its best to mark the adds, have the tank get agro and the dps burst down one add then the other, the healer can also cyclone the 2nd add (after the tank gets some agro on it) to reduce the amount of damage, with a decent group I find the first add goes down quickly and can pick up the 2nd add just after it comes out of cyclone.

As long as the DPS know to get out of the lightning clouds asap (you can see them forming over your head before they start doing dmg) then the fight is easy.

Remember to click on the console after the boss is down.

DPS can then stealth to the 2nd boss, or swim.

There are 2 groups of gnomes to clear before you can pull the 2nd boss, but they should be quite easy to take down.

Mekgineer Steamrigger has 4 gnome adds at the start.

We usually assign all DPS to help kill the gnome adds at the start, once the adds are down, we assign one dpser to kill the additional adds that come out (usually the most geared rogue) leaving the rest of the dps to focus on the boss, if your DPS assigned to adds is not geared enough, have a 2nd DPSer give him support if needed.

The boss doesn’t do a lot of damage, the main thing is managing the adds and making sure they don’t heal the boss.

Remember to click on the console when the boss is down.

Warlord Kalithresh is the final boss in Steam Vaults and there is no need to clear out the adds in his room.

Stealth to the back of the room, here you can safely eat/drink/buff as I said earlier this fight can be a bit of a gear check, but we have managed to do this with 4 stealthers before, but a lot of my regular stealth runners have better than Kara gear.

Remember in this fight to DPS the fish tanks as soon as they are up, a lot of guides say he enrages after 10 seconds of channeling from the tanks, but I’ve seen many times turn red from the first second, not sure if this is a change, a bug, or he’s just turning red and not enraged, I also know if he does enrage, and the healer and tank have decent gear, the healer can keep the boss up

Warlord Kalithresh needs to be DPS’d down quite quickly, from experience there are 3 fish tanks he can go to without any problems, so the tank will need to position himself closer to those fishtanks, so the boss doesn’t go wandering off to a fishtank with mobs, I have had him go to a 4th fish tank without aggroing other mobs in the room before, but I would advise to dps him down as fast as possible.

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