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Heroic Botanica

Heroic Botanica
Tempest Keep
Requires Sha’tar honored – Warpforged Key

Although it is possible to stealth all the way to the final boss with only 2 stealth level bonus, the walk is long, and I’ve seen many stealthers dismally fail at stealthing.

This instance is definitely not for impatient stealthers, but for those of you who like a stealth challenge, or are actually clearing out Auchindon and Coilfang instances and need new places to stealth then this could be the challenge your looking for.

You definitely need stealth modifiers for this instance, whether it be by talent points or gear, as I said before I have lead a moonkin druid to the final boss before, and all he had was a cloak I lent him and him being a night elf (+10 stealth bonus) he did wipe once or twice, but he got there in the end.

I have however seen other stealthers with the same level of stealth points and not able to make it past the first doorway….

I honestly highly doubt they were doing anything wrong, as its not that hard to try to stealth right down the middle, but he had no luck whatsoever, seemed those mobs just liked him too much. I’ve seen a few mobs be a bit glitchy and like certain chars, even though they have the same stealth levels as someone who can get past easily.

Stealthing Botanica is challenging as there are a few patrols in tight area’s, once you get up to the first boss, stealthing to the end should be easy.

Of course if you have a rogue in the group helping sap and distract, this can make a stealth nightmare a smooth run.

Stealth up to the first boss Commander Sarannis, wait till she paths all the way out to the end of the bridge and talks to one of the NPC’s

Now that she’s off to the side, you can stealth past easily to the other end of the bridge, here you can gear up, buff quickly and drink before she paths back. Night Elfs, can also shadowmeld here safely in the corner.

Now I have to admit, I’ve only run this with a decently geared group, Kara level gear or above, with some stealthers with a couple pieces of S3 gear or a few pieces of the latest badge gear.

We’ve always been able to just burn her down asap without giving her the chance to summon her adds. I’ve had restokins able to heal through this with no deaths, and a tree druid with just under 1500 heals able to heal this with no problems.

Once again I think it comes down to the dps, but if you’ve been clearing out Coilfang Resevoir instances regularly (since it only take about an hour to do all 3), you should have collected enough badges for your group to get some decent badge gear.

Stealth up to the second boss High Botanist Freywinn

The mobs on the end of the bridge must be cleared, just be careful there is a pat that patrols a little close.

With a mixture of saps, and tanking the mobs at the end of the bridge are quite easy to take down, as with Botanist, do her like you would do her on a non stealth run, DPS her, when she turns into a tree, pull the saplings to the side and dps them down.

Once again just be careful there is a pat that will patrol closely, so make sure you don’t accidently pull it when your doing the boss.

Stealth up to Thorngrin, unfortunately, the stealth groups I have been with haven’t wanted to put in the effort to do him, since doing him here is just like doing him in a non stealth run, pulling pats, then doing the boss.

When stealthing past Thorngrin’s area be careful, there are 2 stealthed patrols, I find sticking closer to the right wall to be safer, of course if you have humans in the group with perception, or rogues with talent points to detect stealthers, they should lead the way.

Since Laj and Warp Splinter are so close to each other, we usually do Warp Splinter first, if we accidently wipe to Laj, group is generally to lazy to stealth all that way again for 1 badge.

At Warp Splinter, clear the tree mobs on both sides, I’m not sure what it is about boomkins, or just druids that see a group of mobs, but they just want to AoE with hurricane.

I’ve seen ferals pop out and just start hurricaning, and then get overrun by the mobs, as the healer wasn’t ready for it, it’s safest to focus fire the mobs down with the tank getting agro, or if a moonkin is going to do this, let the healer know before hand.

The easiest way to kill Warp Splinter is to have the tank, tank the boss just before the end of the path, healers and ranged dps should stand near the entrance just over the bridge, this gives them the chance to reset just in case something goes wrong, healers and ranged dps, should be at max range, so they don’t get the AoE stun. Standing close to the entrance means the treants, will not do much damage as they have further to run and most will get blown away to heal the boss before they even reach the heaer/ranged position.

Rogues should apply the MS type debuff woud poison, so Warp Splinter will get less benefit from the heals.

The group should have decent dps, and focus fire on the boss and ignore the treants, with a decent geared group Warp Splinter will go down fairly quick.

Now clear Laj’s room, assign 2 dps to the lasher type mobs, and have them dps the lashers asap, the switch to Laj when lashers are down.

It’s easiest to tank Laj where he stands, so there is no chasing around if he teleports.

I did this in a non stealth run recently, and it took 1hr 15 mins, which I would say is an average time, as I had guildies also doing a non stealth run, and they did it in about this time, and bunch of them are T6 geared.

In a stealth group, unpracticed in this instance, it took us 40 minutes to down 4 out of 5 bosses. Mind you I’ve been in here with new stealthers that have taken that amount of time to just stealth to the end.

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