Friday, May 9, 2008

Heroic Blood Furnace

Blood Furnace
Hellfire Citadel
Requires Thrallmar or Honor Hold reputation honored – Flamewrought key

It is possible to stealth all the way up to the first boss The Maker, just be careful when you go up that first large flight of stairs, as there are a few stealthed adds on them, they don’t have stealth detect, and I have almost walked through one before, but he didn’t agro.

The Maker

In the first boss’s room, be careful of the group (2 mobs) that patrol around the room, they have stealth detect, and it is possible to agro them if your not careful with your positioning on the first boss.

Stealth all the way to the gate, and be as close to the gate as possible when you pull the boss.

He is not hard, his most nasty spell is mind control, so be ready to cc the mind controlled player (blind or cyclone) as they can do more burst damage then the boss.

I know there are a few video’s of people soloing the first boss, so that should indicate how hard he is.


Unfortunately Broggok’s room must be cleared, Broggok is not hard himself, but the event can be tough for a non geared group.

4 waves of 4 Orcs come out and with blinds being on a 3 minute cooldown and cyclone being too short to be used as a reliable CC we used the following strat.

The tank will pick up 3 Orcs, we’ve found 3 to be our sweet spot in terms of the tank being able to grab agro, and in terms of how much damage the healer can heal through, I’m sure highly skilled/geared tanks/healers will be able to pick up all 4 Orcs, but in our case, we found that 3 Orcs, is about the number we want the tank and healer to deal with.

1 of the DPS will be assigned as the offtank/kiter, if you have 3 rogues as DPS, you may need to assign a rotation as I’m not sure how easy it would be for a rogue to kite/tank without all their CD’s

The tank will pick up the 3 Orcs and tank them in the middle of the room, he will mark up one for DPS, so you can burn down the Orcs as quickly as possible, the off tank will pick up one Orc, (feral or high ac moonkin) if the healer or off tanks are not geared enough the kiting method may have to be used. Generally the off tank is not as geared as the main tank, so it can be wise to burn down the off tanks add first, this gives the main tank time to pick up agro on the 3 Orcs, the rogues can stunlock down a Orc, to put less strain on the healer.

Kiting method

If the off tank is not geared enough, or there are 3 rogues, rather than tanking the extra mob, the DPS can kite the mob.

As the cage opens, the DPS will pull a mob from range, (I’m assuming that a rogues ranged weap should do enough damage to pull the mob)

Pull from range, and kite to the end of the hall, when the mob gets close cyclone/stun/blind the mob then sprint to the other side, movement augementing effects can help in the kite, dash, sprint, shadowstep, feral charge, boot enchant etc.

When sprinting to the end of the room Broggok is on, if you get to close, he can bug and come through the closed door (we’ve had this happen a few times  )

If possible the healer should throw some hots on the kiter as he runs past.

If it’s a rogue doing the kiting and they really need their CD’s (blind) then you may have to use a rotation.

When Broggok comes out, he really is not hard, just get out of the poison gas, if you finish the last group down the far side of the room, it will give you the opportunity to Battle Rez, any dead dps.

Keli’dan the Breaker

Mark up the kill order on the Warlocks surrounding Keli’dan, sap the last few in the kill order (depending on how many rogues you have) then focus fire them down one by one.

Once the locks are dead, it’s the typical tank and spank like you would normally do this boss. Just remember to run out after he sucks you in, this boss is cake, compared to doing the 2nd boss event with a rogue/druid group.

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