Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Epic Gems in Heroics

The majority of people I stealth run with nowadays, are doing it purely for the badges, after all you can buy great gear with them, but a lot of people that raid are also farming badges for gems, 15 badges = 1 epic gem.

Gems being available for badges has dropped the prices of epic gems considerably, even so Epic Gems still cost a bunch of gold on my server, ranging from 300-700g.

One change they did put into place in patch 2.4 which I am taking full advantage of, was changing the epic gem drops in heroics to non unique.

As an avid stealthier I was keen to run those heroics that dropped epic gems, after all I was mainly doing it for the badge farm why not do heroics that would drop me a useful gem as well, by the time patch 2.4 rolled around I had over 30 epic gems ready to use.

Here's a list of epic gems from all heroic instances

Auchenai Crypts
Champion’s Fire Opal +5 Str/+4 Def RY
Potent Fire Opal +6 sp dmg/+4 sp crit RY
Seer’s Chrysoprase +4 Int/+5 spi YB

Enscribed Fire Opal +5str/+4 crit RY
Glistening Fire Opal +4 agi/+5 def RY
Timeless Chrysoprase +5 int/+6 sta YB

Sethekk Halls
Blessed Tanzanite +11 heal/+4 sp dmg/+6 sta RB
Pristine Fire Opal +10 ap/+4 hit RY
Stalwart Fire Opal +5 def/+4 dodge RY

Coilfang Reservoir
The Slave Pens
Respendant Fire Opal +5 str/+4 res RY
Royal Tanzanite +11 heal/+4 sp dmg/+2mp5 RB
Vivid Chrysophrase +5 sp hit/+6 sta YB

The Steamvault
Infused Fire Opal +6sp dmg/+4 int RY
Shifting Tanzanite +5agi/+6 sta RB
Sundered Chrysoprase +5 crit/+2mp5 YB

The Underbog
Lambent Chrysoprase +5 spell hit/2mp5 YB
Radiant Chrysoprase +5 spell crit/+5 sp pen YB
Spendid Fire Opal +5 parry/+4 res RY

Hellfire Citadel
The Blood Furnace
Beaming Fire Opal +5 dodge/+4 res RY
Fluorescent Tanzanite +6 sp dmg/+4 spi RB
Jagged Chrysoprase +6 sta/+5 crit YB

Hellfire Ramparts
Effulgent Chrysoprase +5 def/+2mp5 YB
Iridescent Fire Opal +11 heal/ +4 sp dmg/+4 sp crit RY
Steady Chrysoprase +6 sta/+5 res YB

The Shattered Halls
Luminour Fire Opal +11 Healing/+4 sp dmg/+4 int RY
Polished Chrysoprase +6 sta/+5 sp crit YB
Soverign Tanzanite +5 str/+6 sta RB

Tempest Keep
The Arcatraz

Deadly Fire Opal +8 ap/+5 crit RY
Durable Fire Opal +11 heal/+4 sp dmg/+4 res RY
Nimble Fire Opal +5 dodge/+4 hit RY

The Botanica
Brutal Tanzanite +10 ap/+6 sta RB
Imperial Tanzanite +5 spi/+9 heal/+3 sp dmg RB
Myserious Fire Opal +6 sp dmg/ +5 sp pen RY

The Mechanar
Assasin’s Fire Opal +6 crit/+5 dodge RY
Defenders Tanzanite +5 parry/6 sta RB
Shining Fire Opal +6 sp dmg/+5 sp hit RY

Happy Farming!

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