Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stealth farming Enchant Boots - Dexterity recipe

If you’re an enchanter, and a stealther, and you want to farm for the +12 agi feet enchant you can!

Go into crypts in normal mode, stealth up to the stairs of the first boss Shirrak the Dead Watcher, so far so good right!

Well as we all know some patches way back they made his aura also unstealth us (:( blizzard)
Wait until the boss paths into the back position, the upstairs area you will see on each side of the boss there are 2 walls sticking out, stealth past the wall and stealth into the area between the 2 walls into the corner, you will be unstealthed bythe boss aura, due to the boss level, and your level (I'm assuming your 70 here, and if your not you will have a hell of a time killing the skellies that drop the enchant) you won't get agro!

Wait till the boss paths to the forward position, you can now restealth and walk into the skellie room. (Raging Skeletons)
Each group consists of approximately 4 skellies, if you bring a friend this is much easier, if your on your own, then good luck!

Rogues can sap 1, blind 1, kill 1 vanish etc

Druids can attempt to burst 1 down, barkskin heal etc.

I found doing this solo can suck, because if you kill a skellie, don’t get the chance to loot and die, sometimes when you run back from the graveyard it puts you in a brand new instance!

Good luck! the drop rate has sucked for me :(

(on a sidenote, i have heard of a mage solo farming this before, but that was so long ago, i don't know if it was nerfed)

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