Thursday, June 12, 2008

Heroic Magisters Terrace

When Magisters Terrace first came out i was quite excited, it was a new instance to sink our stealth teeth into, we stealthed through normal to attune, then ran Heroic mode in stealth, 4 hours later we were still stuck on the 3rd boss....

It was tough, and we ended up calling it a night coming up to hour 5.

After some practice, we've managed to get this to under 1 hour for a run, but i'm sure we can get it going faster than that. Since some of my older stealthers have gone on a hiatus (come back bob!) I haven't run it much, if at all for a while, H MGT is not an instance i want to take new stealthers too, and after they have some experience, they really need to be on the better side of gear and playskill to do this instance.

Stealthing through Magisters Terrace is easy enough, however working out the strats for the fights without a mage, took a little time. I highly recommend taking geared characters with 10k hp for the 3rd boss Priestess Delrissa.

Well to start with, i'll say the easiest way to finish this instance, is to make sure you have an easy setup on the third boss, some people consider this cheating, but then some people consider stealth run cheating as well.

Since your all bound by the 5 instance per hour lockout, the best thing to do is to get everyone to go into the instance seperately, the person with the best group makeup on Delrissa starts the invites.

So whats the best group makeup? Pretty much anything without the Naga MS warrior, he's a real headache.

So how do you check? Stealth into the instance, and turn on nameplates, you will see that the entrance you actually stealth over the third bosses area on the bridge, check which friends Delrissa has with her, and something without the Naga is good, of course if you don't want to do it this way, you can kill the third boss with the Warrior, but it just makes it that much harder.

I'd say it's probably easier to do this instance with 2-3 rogues, sap just makes it that much easier.

So start the group and stealth up to the first bosses room, just outside the room you can unstealth and gear up drink etc.

There are a few groups inside, but they are easier enough to take out, sap 2-3, use cyclones effectively, and it shouldn't be an issue.

Selin Fireheart

Now of course make sure everyone is inside the room for this boss fight. Many people say it's like the final boss in SV, kill the crystals when he goes to them, but i've found for our stealthing groups we just zerg the boss.

The boss is easy enough and i'm sure you won't have an issue.

After you kill this boss, you must clear the worms in the next bosses room, we frequently have stupid deaths here as rogues start blade flurrying, and we all know druids aren't the best multi mob tanks.

As long as the dps focus fires, agro shouldn't be a problem, as generally the dps will kill a worm before it does significant damage, and the healer can keep up.

What i've seen some of our better tanks do is barkskin, aoe hurricane to get some initial agro on all the mobs before going into bear, this works well to stop initial healing agro.

Of course if you have a moonkin in the group, just get them to tank this bit, just make sure the healer knows, as i've had many excited ferals just start aoeing out of nowhere and be dead before i can get a regrowth off.


Vexallus summons balls of energy, these must be killed asap, assign rogues to kill them first, after killing 3 (and getting 3 debuffs) they should cloak of shadows the debuffs off them or it could become too much for the healer to handle.

When Vex reaches 10% he overloads and starts doing all sorts of damage, the dps should save there cooldowns for overload.

This boss isn't really that tough, and if a more detailed post is needed i'll do a more complete guide in the future.

Stealth up to the third boss, Priestess Delrissa and friends, this is really like an arena match and i always find it easier if people suit up in PVP gear, or at least in gear that gives them much more hp then the sometimes glass canons 7k hp i find some of my dps wearing.

A little clearing is needed in this room, we usually just clear out the front section and pull Delrissa and her friends into the front garden, of course some of her friends do fear, so if you choose to be safe you may want to clear the entire room.

Well the strats on this boss can differ, but here's the way we find the best to do this with an all stealth team.

I pretty much run this with 2 rogues, but 3 would be great for the saps.

We always take down the Priestess first as her heals can get out of hand, if the Naga warrior is there, we take him out 2nd, rogues usually blind there sap target to give more time to focus fire.

Hmm just thinking about the differnet combinations is giving me a headache, and i'm sure could be a post in itself.

If the Naga warrior is up, i get 1 druid to keep him cc'd, while priestess is being burst down, they can easily do this without taking much damage opening with a pounce stun, followed up by a maim, cyclone, cyclone feral charge etc.

Try to take out the pets early, they have little hp and can shell out some decent damage if left alone, besides that cc as much as possible, and try not to get feared into any uncleared groups.

Once you can get 1-2 guys down quickly, the rest should be easy to take down as they come out of sap since you'll be 5 vs 3ing them.

Kael'thas Sunstrider

Is the last boss, after a little clearing we get to his room.

I've found the best tactic with a stealth team is as follows.

4 DPS zerg the boss, the healer keeps everyone topped up and kites the phoenix, the boss should go down to 50% around the time the phoenix dies, the DPS should kill the egg straight away, then your into an easy phase 2.

Of course the dps and tank need to have decent gear, it doesnt have to be amazing gear, just decent, the tank has to be able to hold agro from the dps and the healer has to know how to kite, heal and not panic with a big fat bird chasing him around.

The rogues have to kick when Kael does his pyroblast, and of course everyone has to get out of his flamestrike.

At 50% the dps should fly near the door for easy healing and to get away from the bubbles in gravity lapse.

Heroic Magister's Terrace has some really great gear, and if you get a regular group, you should try to put this on your regular stealth run list.

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