Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 manning Sethek for profit (fun)

Well I used to 2 man Sethek a while ago when large prismatic shard prices were still at a premium, I guess it's not that profitable to do so now with void shatter recipe coming into place, and being on no cooldown no less, however, for the sake of people that like challenges, I thought 2 manning Sethek was something fun, especially 2 manning in Heroic.
I guess the title is a bit misleading, although we do 2 man Ikiss, we do skip the first boss Darkweaver Sith, and totally ignore the druid boss Anzu.

I'll start with normal.

Of course the better geared you are the easier this will be, and I don't advise people in greens trying this unless you like banging your head against a wall for hours.

You will need at least 1 druid for heals, and the other stealther can be a druid dps class or a rogue.

Stealth up to the first boss room (Darkweaver Sith), if you have a druid and a rogue, get the rogue to run in first, this will pull the boss, the druid should rush past to the other side and go through the entrance, when the druid is safely past the room, the rogue should vanish then also exit the opposite entrance.
If you have 2 druids doing this, one of you must suicide.One druid should pull the boss while the other safely runs past to the other side, they can go through the door then hide behind the door jam on the right, once that druid is through, the druid that pulled can also run through the door and hide in the door jam on the left, of course the boss will kill the druid here, then run back to reset.
Once the boss has reset, it is safe for the other druid to come out to rez.

Stealth all the way up to the last bosses room.

I've found this easier to do with a druid tank then a rogue tank, as a druid has the tools to taunt back, however, the rogue I tried this with was not very geared at the time, and then we were still able to down the boss.

This bosses physical damage is not as high as other bosses, most of his damage comes from the arcane aoe bolts.

If your druid is geared enough, they might be able to do this in cat form.

The healer should stay in human form.

The tank should open up and start dpsing the boss, Ikiss will sheep the 2nd highest threat target on the table, which will of course be the healer.

The healer should stay sheeped in order to get a free heal and conserve mana, hots should be running on the tank, so it really shouldn’t be an issue. Of course in those "oh shit" situations shift out and heal, but in general, stay sheeped.

Another technique is to play the los game when Ikiss tries to sheep you, generally you will have Ikiss in an FF frame mod so you know when he is casting, sheep takes 1.5s for him to cast so when you see him cast it duck behind a pillar, he will stop, when u duck out again, he will start to cast on you again.

Why is doing this good? Well he will constantly be trying to cast on you, so he won't be dpsing the tank at all. If you can do this consistently well, you will have long bouts of Ikiss not doing much of anything at all. Of course when you pop out from the pillar you can throw an instant hot on your tank if needed.

When Ikiss does his AoE remember this is an agro wipe, so try not to heal, and if the rogue has hots on him hew may lose agro.
This is the main problem I had running this with a rogue, sometimes he would lose agro, and I would end up heal/tank/kiting which is highly inefficient as the rogue would be sheeped for a lot of the time. Yes it would still be doable as long as I had mana, but essentially I would keep kiting between 2 pillars hotting myself, while the rogue would dps as much as possible in between sheeps. A druid would be able to taunt back in bear form.

Once you get this down pat it's fairly easy to kill Ikiss, and claim your 2 LPS.

When I was doing this frequently with a well geared feral druid I was able to do a run from start to end in 10 minutes, meaning I could do this 5 times an hour which is the instance limit, at the time it was not bad making 5 lps each per hour with some occasional other random drops and gold.

We found this so fun we decided to attempt Heroic Sethek!

And honestly we didn't find it that much harder.
I haven't tried heroic mode with anything other than a feral druid tanking, but I'm sure it's possible with a well geared rogue.

In normal mode the druid could tank the boss in cat in dps gear, in Heroic, we found the boss hits slightly harder so I had him tank in bear form wearing his dps gear.
It takes a little longer that normal, but of course you get better drops!

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