Sunday, June 15, 2008

When you just have too many friends!

When i started stealth running again, i would just add the regular rogues and druids i would run with onto my friends list, that way when i wanted to do a run i could do a quick check to see who was on. With wow being out for quite a few years now, everyone man and his dog has alts (well except me) so then i was adding all the alts to my friends list.

Adding all the stealthers, there alts to my friends list with my normal friends i found i just didn't have enough space.

I even started adding names to notepad, to look up decent stealthers when i wanted to do a run, but really, that just sucked.

So I started a channel, called it stealthruns and invited all stealthers, to join the channel when they were on, either on their stealth chars or their alts, now the channel is regularly filled and we just ask in there to organise runs.

Pretty simple i know, and it may be obvious to some, but, it might not be obvious to others.

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