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Heroic Black Morass

Heroic Black Morass

Well let's be honest, there's absolutely no need to stealth Heroic Blacm Morass (H-BM), you might get away with clearing slightly less critters, but the time it takes you to stealth to the middle you may as well have ridden over on your mount.
I remember when this instance was considered hard, but as all the new easier to obtain badge gear, arena gear and pvp gear becomes available, this instance has become relatively easy.

So why include this instance in a stealth run blog? Well I'll assume people that are stealth running have their normal druid/rogue stealth run group, and let's be honest, you can only do Coilfang for X amount of time before it becomes boring, so this is just an alternative to your regular badge farming.
In the old days, people would always look for a "frost" mage, or whatever class, since they say clearing adds is difficult, these days, I saw it's entirely possible and easy to do it with a rogue druid group.

Because this instance is scripted, a rogue druid group doesn't actually make this instance faster, it takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

I guess the role most people ask is who will be clearing the adds, and I'd just like to give you a rundown from my experience.

Playing as a moonkin, I've done adds, and I have to say it was easy, I was a little bit nervous going into it, but I read from laserchickens blog ( blog, that he'd done adds before and he has a small guide on it (, it had been a long time since I had done black morass, after all I ran it as a tank and healer many times to get exalted to get my trinket (which I no longer use) so after reading laser chickens entry as add clearer, I thought it would be interesting, also the fact that there is a chance at a 6dmg/6sta gem as well as the normal badge farm made it more appealing, and I did need a change from running the normal popular stealth instances.

As a moonkin with 1200 spell damage (1200 sp dmg sounds high, but its relatively easy to get now since the majority of my gear is s1 + s3 arena, pvp honor items, some badge gear and crafted gear), the adds are easy, sit yourself in between the portal and the shield, adds that comes out only have approximately 5-6k hp, since they're running for the shield and not you, this gives you ample time to open with a starfire, followed by a moonfire, then 2-3 wraths and they're down.

The dragonlings that come in 3's go down with a moonfire and insect swarm.
The only ones that you have to watch are the assasins, as they have a bit more hp and hit harder, I ususually open with a starfire, moonfire, root, then wind up another starfire and wraths.

Adds go down quick, so the majority of time I ignore using insect swarm, sometimes I ignore using moonfire, but moonfire can crit, and also proc's my trinket.

I found the adds so easy, I never had to bring treants out (which I thought I might need as a backup plan) I was also able to throw some dps at the portal bosses making it highly efficient for a moonkin to clear adds, of course the rest of the group does the classic, tank and spank the Rift Lords so it was quite easy.

So if you don't have a moonkin can you still do this? Absolutely.

I ran an instance, where for some reason the rogue wouldn't stop attacking the adds, I let him do this, and helped on the bosses, now of course the rogue is not the most efficient class for doing this, but I was surprised at how well he was able to do it, he had absolutely no troubles in the majority of portals, but towards the end, he needed a bit of help cleaning up when we got each boss down, also the healer needs to watch the rogue as he is not as self sufficient as a druid for doing this.

The rogue was dressed in Kara level gear with a couple of honor and arena items thrown in, I'm not talking about SSC + level but gear that casuals can easily get nowadays.
I'm sure an equally geared feral druid would be able to do the same, requiring the occasional heal and maybe a little help at the end of each portal.

Remember, although it's nice for the shield to be 100%, it really doesn't have to be, as long as you get the last boss down before the shield hits 0%, so if you need to, you can always let the shield tank for you.

So the general strategy is of course to have 1 person on adds, 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 other dps, helping on the portal bosses.

Clear each portal, the first boss Chrono Lord Deja is relatively easy, just a tank and spank fight, just watch out for his aoe.

With the second boss Temporus, this strategy seems the most popular depending on the groups gear level.
Because Temporus stacks healing debuffs, you really want to kill him as soon as possible.

Have all dps zerg the boss, and ignore adds, let the shield tank adds for the duration of this fight, if the tank has a dodge trinket (i.e. badge of tenacity, moroes pocket watch) they should save this for when they get so many healing debuffs they cannot get healed anymore)

Try not to pull the boss to far from the portal or he will leash back and his hp can reset.

Once the boss is down, everyone should rush over to kill adds quickly, if your groups dps is a bit low, you can also have someone use a Chrono-beacon]to summon a dragon to clear adds while you do the boss. Make sure you summon the dragon closer to the shield or Temporus can dispel him.

The general strategy we see nowadays with the Chrono Beacons is to pop them on the Rift Lords on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th portals to ease into the final boss.

When the final boss shows up if everyone is not at full hp or mana yet, don't pull the boss, let the shield tank, it's perfectly capable of holding off for a period of time, you will be able to see a counter at the top of the screen that tells you what percentage strength the shield is at.

Once everyone is up to full go to work on the boss, he is relatively easy to take down, just make sure your tank has full hots at all time to live through the time stop, but besides that he shouldn't be considered hard anymore.

So there you have it, an additional 3 badges for 30 minutes work, sure it's not as efficient as Coilfang Resevoir or some of the other stealthable instances, but it's fun to do something slightly different, and it drops a few good gems

Glinting Fire Opal +5agi/+4hit
Glowing Tanazite +6sp dmg/+6sta
Glimmering Fire Opal +5parry/+4def (ok this is probably crap for druids/rogues)

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