Monday, September 8, 2008

Perception Nerf

It's time for all non human rogues and druids to rejoice, perception was nerfed big time in WOTLK.

news here

- Perception: changed to a passive, now grants one character level of passive stealth detection

Well this sux big time for humans, 1 passive level increase of stealth detection is like 5 points, while perception gives 50 points of stealth detection.

I wear an eng hat sometimes when i arena, and honestly, that 5 points it gives me does squat most of the time....

So my druid rejoices, but the human rogue i'm leveling is going to cry herself to sleep knowing that she will only have a short time of the godly ability of perception before it get's nerfed to the ground.

Well WOTLK will bring much more interesting changes, so who knows how the balance of things will change.

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