Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stealthing Heroic Slave Pens with a Hunter

I had the pleasure of doing a Heroic Slave Pens stealth run with a hunter in the group.

It was pretty cool to watch, and he was able to run up to the bosses a lot quicker than i thought, he fell dead a lot less times than i thought he would, and being a Night Elf hunter, he was able to shadowmeld in some places to wait for pats to walk past.

Since we had a rogue in the group, it made it a little quicker as a rogue can sap some mobs for him to run past, however without the rogue, the hunter could easily kite some mobs away with his pet, and run past and fall dead.

I wasn't at all surprised when my friend offered to bring his hunter, as i have done a partial stealth run with a hunter years ago (LBRS) and if you've seen the Hunter VS World video's you know Hunters are op! (Hunter solo's Heroic SP)

So here's the basics of how he did it.

When you enter Heroic SP, you see the bogstrocks path around the pool, wait till they run past and run up the other side, pause a moment to see where the other pack of bogstrocks is, and then you can run up the right hand side behind the cages, you should be able to shadowmeld behind them until the slave handler paths past.

Run into the tunnel there wil be 2 Coilfang Champions that patrol, run up to them and fall dead, wait till they path past, then run to the end of tunnel.

We sapped the Coilfang Slavehandler that paths on his own, waited for the patrol of Coilfang Champion and 2 Coilfang Enchantress's to path away, then ran up to them and fall dead.

Run to the right, watch the patrols, and you should be able to shadowmeld and wait for a patrol to path away.

Run along the waters edge towards the 2 Coilfang Champions and wait for the druid tank to pull. Our hunter said he can run past here, just get his pet to kite them away, but as with our normal stealth runs we kill these mobs, just in case someone dies or screws up the jump, so they can stealth back later.

Getting to the first boss (Mennu the Betrayer) is easy enough, just wait for the pats to path away, and the hunter can safely run under the bridge.

Once the first boss is pulled, he's pretty cake as you know.

Getting up to the second boss is easy (Rokmarr the Crackler), the hunter runs up the bridge, waits to see which side the pats are on, and runs up the other side. If you have 2 rogues, you can sap both Coilfang Observers, if you have one, the hunter has to run up and fall dead until they pass.

Once up to the top of the bridge, just wait for the 2 pats (Coilfang Champions i think) to path to the other side and drop down the gap.

Jump to the side the second boss is on, and he's cake.

Getting to the third boss Quag was a little harder, the hunter jumped back into the water to avoid the bogs near the second boss, and ran all the way into the tunnel up past the first boss again, this time he jumped down the other way (used to be the normal way) a rogue sapped the Coilfang Champion and the hunter could run past.

The hunter runs along the waters edge up to the first group that usually consists of a mix of different Coilfang mobs. We had our rogue sap the Coilfang Observer and a druid slept the beast.

Our hunter easily ran in between the gap to the side with the cages, we're it's safe for him to run up to the ramp that goes into the cave.

Now our hunter used his pet to kite a group of mobs into the water, as the mobs pathed away, the hunter used this to his advantage and ran into the cave, a quick fall dead in the case in front of the last group of Coilfang Mobs, means he only has to get past the 2 groups of bogstroks to get to Quagg.

Timing the pathing of the Bogstrokks was easier than expected, he ran up, shadowmelded near the edge of the pool behind the cages and then was able to run up the side of the pool towards the back of the cave.

It was a lot of fun doing a stealth run with a slightly different group makeup.

Given WoTLK is just around the corner and the 3.0.2 patch is tonight, it should shake things up a bit, druid rez's, new shadowmeld abilities should make stealth running slightly more interesting in the very very near future.

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