Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nerf to Stealth Detection items

Well i'm about 2 months late, but better late than never right?

Whole bunch of stealth detection items have been nerfed as they have been deemed to OP for PVP.

Here's the link

Here's a copy of the post from Bornakk

We recently made some changes to items that grant stealth detection. We felt these items provided a necessary advantage in competitive PVP and forced players to use lower level equipment even when more powerful items were available to them. This item can no longer be used in the Arena:
Ultra-Spectropic Detection GogglesWe have removed stealth detection from the following items:
All epic engineering gogglesWe have reduced the stealth detection of the following items:
Catseye Ultra Goggles
Blood Guard's Dragonhide Gauntlets
Marshal's Dragonhide Gauntlets
Knight-Lieutenant's Dragonhide Gloves
General's Dragonhide Gloves
Bloodvine Lens
Knight-Lieutenant's Dragonhide Grips
Blood Guard's Dragonhide Grips
The Night WatchmanAll of these changes are already active and the tooltips will be updated with the next minor patch.

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