Thursday, August 6, 2009

Riding Skills in 3.2!!

Well i finally got my rogue to level 60 last weekend, I'd heard riding skills were going to be cheaper in 3.2, how cheap? Well 50g down from 600g, a significant saving and something i was wiling to wait 2 days for, after all it's probably taken me a year to get my rogue to level 60 so what's to more days!

What the exciting news was, is that flying mounts are now available for level 60's. They flying training was 600g and the mount was about 50g.

So where to buy mounts and skills? Well if your 60, i would say you've made your way over into TBC already.

Alliance can purchase the epic ground mount riding skill from the Honor Hold trainer, as well as the flying skills and mount. I thought i would have to hotfoot it back to Elwynn forrest for the riding skills but with the player base now not even wanting to spend 10g on repairs let alone 10 minutes to travel, Blizz have made picking up the riding stuff more convenient.

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