Thursday, August 6, 2009

Children's Week!

Well it's Children's Week, i must admit i've never been that hot on the World Events, doing stuff for the sake of doing stuff, e.g. getting achievements has never really appealed to me, after all, it doesn't improve my character, doesn't get me better gear, make my character stronger, or give me extra abilities that would help my poor game skills.

But... achievements that give you extra items i'd actually use? I'm up for that, so finally after thinking about getting a 310% flying mount i had to look up how to actually get one.

Let's see the options.
Top 0.5% PVP Arena
Top raiding achievements
Holiday Achievement

Hmm as a casual gamer it doesn't seem like i have many options. So Children's week started up this week, and i thought, well i have some new friends playing, why not do some crappy achievements with them. So we started the Children's Week quest line and took little orphan Annie on a tour of Azeroth and completed the quests.

Before completing the last quest and taking little orphan Annie back to the orphanage, i tried to do a couple of the achievements. Well the easy ones, like have orphan out while hearthing, i did it, no achievement, my friend did it no achievement, so i figured we'd have to finish the quest line and get one of the permanent pets before doing it.

So maybe i'm dumb, ignorant or naive or all of the above. Handed my quest back, got a new pet that is NOT an orphan, and this dude won't let me do achievements either.

So i'm guessing the quests are a bit bugged, i've heard you can get another orphan from Shattrah, i may try that out, but a 1 year quest line to get a flying mount? And can you imagine if the achievements bug out and you have to wait for one more year.....

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