Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3.2.2 is here

3.2.2 went live last night and the changes for druids in the patch notes are

Moonkin Form: This form now also reduces the damage the druid takes while stunned by 15%.
Typhoon: The daze duration has been increased from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.
Feral Combat
Infected Wounds: The debuff generated by this talent no longer stacks and instead causes the full effect with a single application.
Predatory Strikes: This talent now also causes the druid's finishing moves to provide a 7/13/20% chance per combo point to make the next Nature spell with a cast time below 10 seconds instant cast.

What this means for us.

For PVE it doesn't look like much of a different, the change to the talent infected wounds was a slight buff as it get's applied with 1 hit, now i haven't played much feral this expansion, but honestly, i expect this pretty much does nothing for PVE

For PVP however, although at first it looks like a buff (get's applied on 1 stack) the elite PVPers over at Arena Junkies have been calling it a nerf, 1 stack means it's easier to remove.

Ferals have received a huge PVP buff with predatory strikes this lets them cast an instant nature spell after a 5 point combo, instant HT and Regrowth for heals, and instant cyclones are already being called op and getting complained about. I remember back when T5 was around, and ferals would wear 2 piece for instant regrowths. Now it's a built in talent that will be extremely strong in PVP especially arena.

For PVE, i don't think it will be so game breaking, if a feral kitty has to heal themselves the raid is not really doing it's job, although it may help those kitties that like to solo things.

Regrowth over HT will give you a slighter increase in healing due to the catform giving a 20% buff to healing spells, so the ticks will hit for a greater amount.

For Moonkin, we had a buff to a Typhoon, all the talk of increased knockback, as far as i can tell, never came to fruition.

I guess all the complaints from various forums, about shortening the distance on Typhoon caused Blizz to rethink the change, keeping typhoon at 30 yards with a 15 yard knockback would of been extremely good.

It seems the final change that has hit live servers has been to increase the dazed portion to 6s from 3, this is obviously a PVP buff, although i guess it does help Moonkins that like to solo a few mobs (they'd be using root and cyclone on single mobs)

The change to 15% dmg reduction while stunned is nice, once again this is a PVP buff, and we'll see if these 2 changes alone are enough to fix moonkin pvp (doubtful)

Typhoon glyph change is a meh, i guess a buff is better than a nerf, but who actually uses this?

The Typhoon glyph is purely for PVE, since the knockback on typhoon is the most important aspect of this ability in PVP.

Serious raiding glyphs are moonfire, insect swarm and starfire

Although some people have been saying the starfall glyphs are viable now.

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