Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Arena Season 7 is here

One of the easiest ways to gear up a noob casual like me is by collecting honor points and buying the latest available PVP gear.

I have friends that play this game that are even more noob then a casual like me, they like to do things on their own, they don't seem to enjoy the social aspect of the game (getting groups and making friends) and seem to be happy to just do quests and BG's, however they want the best gear...

So the best way for them to gear up is farm the honor system.

Since i always have to google gear requirements, i thought i would post a list of the gear and rating requirements for the current season.

It also appears the 213 level battlemaster trinkets have been removed from the vendors, not sure if this is an oversight or not, but i do know some of my friends who had been farming honor are bummed over this.

No Rating Requirements
Deadly Gloves 31,600 or 7,200 honor 200 arena
Deadly Chest 49,600 or 12,000 honor 350 arena
Deadly Shoulders 31,600 or 9,600 honor 275 arena
Deadly Pants 49,600 12,000 honor 350 arena
Deadly Hat 49,600 or 12,000 honor 350 arena

(other lists have the deadly off pieces but i didn't see them on my quick scout of the vendors)
Deadly Bracer
Deadly Belt
Deadly Boots
Deadly Neck
Deadly Ring
Deadly Cape 38,000 honor
Deadly Trinket 15300 honor
Furious Bracer 31,600 honor
Furious Belt 49,600 honor
Furious Boots 49,600
Furious Neck 38,0000 honor
Furious Ring 38,000 honor
Furious Cape 38,0000 honor
Furious Trinket 49,600 honor

Ratings Required
700+: Furious Relics 6400 honor 250 arena
800+: Furious Gloves 7200 honor 400 arena
900+: Furious Legs 12000 honor 700 arena
1000+: Furious Chest 12000 honor 700 arena
1100+: Furious Helm 12000 honor 700 arena
1200+: Relentless Bracer 39,400 (honor)
1250+: Relentless Belt 62,000 (honor)
1300+: Relentless Boots 62,000 (honor)
1350+: Furious Shoulders 9600 honor 550 arena
1400+: Relentless Gloves 1300 arena
1450+: Relentless Neck 47,400 (honor)
1500+: Relentless Ring 47,400 (honor)
1550+: Relentless Legs 2150 arena
1600+: Relentless Chest 2150 arena
1650+: Relentless Trinket 62,000 (honor)
1700+: Relentless Wands/Relics/etc 1150 arena
1750+: Relentless Cape 47,400 (honor)
1800+: Relentless Weapon - lvl245
1900+: Relentless Helm 2150 arena
2000+: Relentless Shoulders 1750 arena
2200+: Relentless Weapon - lvl258 35000 honor 1200 arena points
2300+: Relentless Tabard

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