Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mages Mirror Image knocking Rogues and Druids out of stealth

Well a few months back we had all that fuss about starfall taking stealthers out of stealth.

Seems we have the same situation again, but this time with Mages Mirror Image.

Is this a bug? Well people reckon it is, but only time will tell until (if) Blizz fix this.

So why is this so bad compared to other Mages AoE that can knock us stealthers out of stealth, supposedly the range of this is huge, at least with a Mages AoE search for a stealther, they can only choose a localised area to try to catch us, Mirror Image (like Starfall) seems to out us in a very large area. Rogues have complained of been outed from 50 yards away, i haven't tested this myself, but even if it's outing us at a 30 yard radius, that is a big unfair advantage they have against us.

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