Thursday, December 18, 2008

Season 5 is here

For all you Rogues and Druids that have banked up honor points, Season 5 is finally here! Officially it started on Dec 16th, and i can see a flurry of people on my server putting teams together.

I enjoy the PVP aspect of the game and have a bunch of points saved, but the questions is, what is the first thing i buy?! We're all worried that what we buy with our valuable points will be obsoleted way to quickly, and why the heck are there 3 different sets of PVP armor?!

Well first off, i would say from a PVP perspective you can't go wrong with buying the new PVP trinket, in my case the Medallion of the Alliance but i'm sure some of you will be purchasing the Horde one.

After that you need to decide how badly do you want the PVP gear and if your willing to wait, 3 sets of PVP gear were released

Savage Gladiator - blue pvp set
Hateful Gladiator - epic pvp set
Deadly Gladiator - even better epic pvp set

I would really advise skipping the blue set altogether, the Deadly Gladiator pieces require personal ratings to purchase while the Hateful pieces do not. If your good in the arena and you find getting a good rating comes easily, you'll probably end up skipping the Hateful set, if your an average player, you will probably need to start buying Hateful pieces to be able to get some sort of rating that will let you purchase the low end pieces.

Arena is a great alternative to PVE for gearing up, even if your losing 10 games a week you'll still some epics.

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