Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Soloing Anzu as a Druid with any spec and gear

Jitsuk at has found an easy way for a druid of any spec and gear to solo Anzu for the mount.

Here is the original article

He says his method is an exploit, so i urge people trying this to beware the consequences.

First off you must be able to summon Anzu, and he says you must be 80 (not really sure why this would be the case)

Stealth through to Anzu's room, of course the first boss can see through stealth, so if you stealth around the edges he won't be able to detect you due to the level different. I've also heard Night Elves can run straight through to the other side aggroing the boss, once you get through the doorway Night Elves can Shadowmeld to drop agro, similiar to the way Rogues used to vanish back in TBC.

(Note if you find you die often attempting Anzu or clearing the room, you may want to kill the final boss Ikiss as that locks you into the instance and opens the back door shortcut into the final boss's room)

In Anzu's room you need to clear enough trash to not get agro when fighting Anzu.
He recommends clearing the pack on the left hand side of the room, pull the mobs behind the crypt in order to LoS other pats and mobs.

When your ready summon Anzu, and stand next to the crypt on the south west side of the room, just in range of the Eagle Spirit but out of range of Anzu. The Eagle Spirit is the bird to the east.
When you summon Anzu for some reason he doesn't engage and just sits there, you must keep HoTs on the Eagle Spirit at all times, the Eagle Spirit will do 300 damage a second to Anzu, and when Anzu gets really low you must finish him with one spell, (i'm guessing winding up a starfire would be the safest) If you don't finish him with your spell and the Eagle Spirit does suppposedly Anzu is unlootable.

If you mess up and miss HoTs or dps Anzu, supposedly he agroes and all his birds come out and and he tries to the wipe the floor with you.

Since the Eagle spirit only does 300 dmg a second and Anzu has 236k HP, this will take a while.
So good luck in getting your Druid mount, the drop rate has been reported as being 1%


Delthan said...

Works for me!

As an extra hint, since I started as Feral, my mana pool was small and casting Rejuv every 13sec I was loosing. So I sat down in between times to help mana restore, and mana was no longer a problem.

Btw I can confirm the :

> If you don't finish him with your spell and the Eagle Spirit does suppposedly Anzu is unlootable.
My maths says :
236,000 health / 300 dmg per sec = 786 sec
786 sec / 60 = 13min

but I must have something wrong here, as it seemed to take longer than that.

Ah well I look forward to another 100 or so runs, I think that gives me about a 60% chance of it dropping.

Cheers - Delthan (Skywall)

DeftyJames said...

The tool tip on this fight is wrong. The Eagle Spirit does 100 damage/sec meaning that the fight under perfect conditions will take 39 minutes. I can confirm this having done it several times. It's boring.

Second, you need to have perfect timing at the end. If you make a mistake and he goes through the banish phase, you are out of luck. There is no where to hide from the birds unless you have cleared the room. DO NOT USE A DoT as the final spell because as soon as he banishes the DoT stops. I had him down to 25hp....yes 25...when the birds came and ate my lunch. Your first and only blow must kill him. No second chances.

Finally, unless you want to be using lots of pots come in caster gear. Regrowth lasts for 21 second doing 2100 damage each time which means you will cast it 111 times. That means 111 * 1000 mana means you will use 111000 man for the fight. Having a high MP5 is critical.

bradley said...

no the tooltip is correct, it is 300 dps but the boss has health regen of about 100 health per second

Nic said...

Yeah, the boss regenerates his health as he's out of combat. That's why it's taking so long. Also he occasionally resists some of the damage from the bird, taking only 240 damage instead of 300.

39 minutes x 60 = 2340 seconds

236,000 hp / 2340 = 100.8 hp per second

300 - 100.8 = 199.2 regen

So, in rough numbers and not counting resists, the bird spirit is doing 300 damage per second, and the boss is regenerating 200 health per second. It sure is a boring fight.

However, it's not hard to finish him off without having the bird get the killing blow. Just let the bird transform back to stone when the boss only has a few % hp left. Then proceed killing him.