Friday, December 12, 2008

Resto Druid Solos Anzu

Well i've only been 80 for a few days now, so i'm slowly making my way into groups and running heroics. I've not yet started stealthing instances yet, as i want to see what the actual instances look like. When i run an instance, i always take mental notes if the instance looks stealthable or not, i guess it's a habit of doing so many stealth runs in TBC and Vanilla WoW.

But this post is not about stealthing, well i guess it could be, as Druids would most likely be stealthing to Anzu for farming the mount.

As you know, many Feral Druids are already solo farming Anzu, which makes sense, as i think Feral is out best soloing spec. Non mana dps, which means you can dps forever, shifting into Bear for extra tankiness or Kitty for extra dps, being a feral you'll naturally have lots of dodge to have a lot of damage avoidance, and with talents you can even improve your healing power slightly. With the changes coming in, Ferals will very soon be shifting for a very cheap cost to mana, that with free heals from ILOTP means ferals have a lot going for them in soloing.

Not all of us Druids are Feral though, there is a smattering of Resto's and Balance Druids out there, and we're also interested in that ooh so sexy epeen Druid mount.

Well i'm happy to say that Resto's are now claiming to have solo'd Anzu, i'm not sure of their gear level, but i'd be guessing they're at least geared with the new heroic goodies, supposedly the strat is to keep themselves healed while hotting the Eagle totem (it does 300 dmg per second while hotted) so although this could take a while, a few resto Druids are claiming to have done it.

Only one problem, because the totem does the majority of the damage, Anzu becomes unlootable....

I'd say a resto Druid that is able to balance their dps with the Eagle totems DPS will be able to down Anzu and loot him soon enough, it's still early days of Wrath and we're only just gearing up now.

Now i'm just waiting for a Balance Druid to claim doing this, i'm keen to give it a go myself, but my gear is still quite lacking.

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