Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boots of Displacement no longer available :(

Well with 3.0.2 came the new Naxx, unfortunately this means old Naxx has been removed and with it the best stealthing boots in the game are no longer available :(

People who are already the proud owners of a pair of Boots of Displacement will be able to wear them around proudly like a kid wearing a pair of mint Air Jordans

I only had a very few chances to run Naxx myself, so was never able to pick up a pair which is dissapointing.

Rogues don't have to worry as much Darkmantle Boots (a rogue only item) are still available and also provide the same stealth level.

The rest of us will have to stick with our +5 stealth booties (Boots of Displacement and Darkmantle boots both give +8 stealth)

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