Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shadowmeld in World PVP

As an Alliance Druid I'm quite enjoying the new Shadowmeld, I never really realised how much I ate/drank Shadowmelded, until after the patch came out and Shadowmeld always cancelled my drinking. So since it's nerfed my Shadowmeld drinking I have to learn to take advantage of new ways it can be used.

Getting used to using the new Shadowmeld in combat has been a bit slow for me, having a new utility ability is very cool, but sometimes I just forget to take advantage of it.

So reading various forums, someone mentioned they could make 500g an hour AoE farming the Blood Elves at the Ruins of Karabor, I didn't believe this, but I wanted to check it out anyway.

So I went their and started AoE farming with Starfall and Hurricanes to see what I could do. This is the first time I had been AoE farming, as previously this was not so efficient before the 3.0.2 patch. I found I could pull a lot of mobs, and just Hurricane them all down, with the mana recovery nerf I did have to spend some time drinking, but I was doing this more for curiousity sake then any belief I was gonna make a ton of gold out of it.

The posts I read, another Moonkin Druid said he could pull 8 mobs at a time, in semi decent PVP gear myself, I found I was pulling a lot more mobs than that and easily mowing them down, I'd get to 50% health or less and no mana, so I would have to drink back up again.

During one of my AoE's a Horde Pally rode by, I was wary, so I targeted him to see what he was doing, and sure enough, he started attacking me, he was probably undergeared, or a noob, (or possibly not ret, but what pally in their right mind wouldn't be ret right now!) because I didn't die in 3 hits and I had about 5-6 mobs still wacking on me.

As a typical reaction I Cycloned the Pally first then started to kite away with mobs on me, weighing up my options I remembered to Shadowmeld, and sure enough I lost the mobs aggro, the funny thing is, they started towards the Pally who was Cycloned. I'm not sure if it was because he was the only other player there, or if when he came at me he did an AoE attack that did some damage to them. Before the Pally came out of the Cyclone I started charging up a Starfire, of course this took me back out of Shadowmeld, but the mobs stayed on the Pally, my Starfire hit the Pally, and the mobs beat on him some more.

After killing the Pally, I did what all rightously vengeful farmers do, I went and hid in the corner and started drinking/eating to restore my HP and Mana, the Pally quickly rez'd and tried to gank me while I was having my meal, I ran and accidently aggroed some mobs, so with some NPC's and a Horde Pally chasing my ass I Shadowmelded again, and once again the mobs went straight for the Pally.

I thought Shadowmeld was meant to restore agro when you came out of it, so I'm not sure if this is a broken mechanic, or just the way it works when your farming solo, but it was definitely fun training mobs onto the Horde Pally.

Hunters and Rogues have probably enjoyed being able to do this since release, but for the rest of us Night Elves the fun is just beginning, I wonder if this will get nerfed.

Overall I spent about an hour at the Ruins of Karabor and probably made less than 30g, I got some gold, some trash, and a bunch of Sunfury Signets and a couple of Arcane Tomes, in the old days when Signets and Tomes were worth something this might have been a good farm spot, but now, well let's be honest, 30g an hour sux. Sure I probably spent half of that time playing with a Pally, but still 60g an hour sux.

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