Thursday, November 6, 2008

Starfall Nerfed against stealthers!

Well for the PVPers out there, most stealthers will rejoice (only the moonkins may cry) as Starfall has been nerfed.

WTH is Starfall some people may be asking?

Starfall is a 51 point talent in the druid balance tree.

Instant cast
30 yd range 35% of base mana
You summon a flurry of stars from the sky on all targets within 30 yards of the caster, each doing X Arcane damage, and an additional Y Arcane damage to all nearby targets within 5 yards. Maximum 20 stars. Lasts 10 sec.

With talents some druids had extended the range of this spell to 36 yards.

Why was it so good?

Well in PVP, this spell hit stealthed characters, and arena being such a popular part of the game, it was very easy for a druid to stealth to the centre and pop starfall. Arena's being so small, you were bound to pull stealthers out of stealth, and vanish wouldn't help as the effect lasted 10 seconds and could easily pull them back out of stealth again.

A lot of crying went on in the WoW forums, and finally after the patch last Tuesday Starfall was stealth nerfed! (forgive the pun) i didn't read anything in the patch notes about the changes to starfall, but various people have posted about the change.

I guess this is as official as it gets with a blue response

So it can still possiblly get a druid or rogue out of stealth if they're standing next to a non stealthed character, but overall, a lot of people are saying starfall is absolute trash now.

Here's a link to the QQ posts on starfall, before and after

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