Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ony and ZG Soloable at 80!

OK not exactly stealth running material, but since i'm not 80 yet and haven't had the chance to stealth the new instances and write up guides, i thought it would be useful to post news for Druids and Rogues, obviously since my main is a Druid my posts will probably have a Druid bias, but i am working on my Rogue (albeit a lot slower then i would like)

Found an interesting post on the official WoW forums by a level 80 Feral Druid that has managed to Solo Onyxia easily, 12 minutes of work netted him 177g + T2 epics and blues.

Original Post

I know how the official WoW forums likes to swallow posts so i will summarise.

He's downed the following bosses in ZG


(Been a long time since i did ZG myself, so i can't remember if all these are correct)

And he's downed Onyxia in Cat form.

For Ony he uses mangle a lot, phase 2, he goes bear and swipes, then back to cat in phase 3.

I'm looking forward to 80 myself, i also like to do stupid fun stuff.

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