Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No more FAP for Ferals!! Reduction in Druid armor!

Well i must admit, when i hear the word FAP i have a laugh, as it has been known to mean other things. In this case i am referring to Feral Attack Power, Blizz is changing the way Feral Druids use weaps, instead of FAP they will have Druid Feral attack power (AP) scale based on the DPS of the item.

Link here

Also in this post it mentions Bears will lose armor, now i've heard this news before, but i guess i haven't written about it yet.

Blizz has stated that Bears will no longer get the multiplier for bonus armor items such as weaps, trinkets, rings, necks and cloaks. The multiplier will only affect cloth and leather items.

Blizz are compenstating Ferals by improving the Survival of the Fittest Talent to increase armor contribution from items by 22%/33%/66% making it quite similiar to the current armor bonus.

Is this a good thing? Well i think it depends on how they implement these multiplier bonuses to Tree and Moonkin form, will Moonkin and Tree get multiplier bonuses from these items? I haven't seen a post stating it either way yet.

In general, i think it's a good thing as it does give Bears more options in what tanking trinkets, rings, cloaks and weaps to use (although i haven't seen an armor necklace yet)

Since vanilla WoW tank Druids have been pigeonholed into using certain items (The Warden Staff springs to mind), those Druids that mistakenly didn't choose Mark of Tyranny back when doing Blackrock Spire quests kicked themselves for years when wanting to maximise their tanking abilities until new trinkets came out in TBC.

This change will give Bear Tanks a lot more options when choosing tanking gear.

With Blizz trying to balance the stats between all the classes, i'm sure this will eventually work out, but as with all changes that are made, there will be teething problems.

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